Young violinists impress at first concert

Farlington's violin concert SUS-150116-125821001
Farlington's violin concert SUS-150116-125821001

The girls in Farlington’s Prep 1 gave their first violin concert to family and friends at the end of last term. The four- and five-year-olds have enjoyed their first term’s instruction on the instrument from Brian Dallimore, Farlington Prep and Lower School Music Teacher, and Sheraine Lynsdale-Nock, violin teacher.

Brian Dallimore says, “I was very impressed by how motivated and focused the girls have been throughout. We have been very fortunate to have had such an experienced and patient violin teacher as Mrs Lynsdale-Nock, or ‘Mrs Violin’ as the girls call her, working with us during the term. The girls have learnt both pizzicato and bowing on open strings, and in their final open concert demonstrated these techniques proficiently in several pieces.”

Mrs Hayes, Prep 1 teacher, says “The violin lessons have had a very positive impact on the class. It is wonderful to find hidden talents in the girls, and the lessons have proved an excellent way of developing teamwork within the group.”

It is argued that making music in the early and primary years increases listening and concentration skills, and enhances a child’s ability to discriminate between sounds which can improve phonetic awareness and help to develop language and literacy skills.

At Farlington, where the music department was a finalist in the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence, music-making is strongly encouraged. As Brian Dallimore comments: “Music-making in small groups promotes teamwork and is hugely enjoyable. Pupils’ confidence can also be enhanced if they have opportunities to perform. If they are having fun, they are more likely to continue playing an instrument. This term, we are rolling out whole class violin tuition for the girls in Prep 2 and I can’t wait to hear the results!”

Report and pictures contributed by Farlington School.