A year on - your views on trees instead of Shelley Fountain in Horsham

A year after trees replaced Shelley Fountain, readers have mixed views on whether the new feature has improved this area of Horsham town.

Wednesday, 28th June 2017, 10:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:26 am
The trees feature

Yesterday (June 27) marked 12 months since contractors removed fencing around the revamped area after weeks removing the ‘Rising Universe’ sculpture.

We asked readers via Facebook what they thought about the trees and whether the new look had improved that part of town.

Kerry Louise Knapp said: “They’re okish as a temporary ‘thing’ until something else is thought up. A statue of Percy Bysshe Shelley would have been a better choice instead of the fountain to begin with.”

Shelley fountain

Kristien Massie added: “So much better than what was, but the trees look terribly isolated, stuck in a round circle like it is - the seats need revamping but I’m not quite sure what to put with the trees to enhance them.”

Penny Sanders also felt more needs to be done: “I don’t really know why but that area looks quite scruffy and neglected. The waterfall was dried up last time I looked and the stream looks ugly, partly because of the crazy paving lining it. There must be something that can be done to make the whole area more attractive?”

Susannah Brady was more forceful: “Can’t bear to go down that end of West Street any more, gutted it’s gone. Trees are pitiful replacement. Horsham lost it’s iconic landmark that day.”

Other comments included:

Shelley fountain

Georgina Cave: “The trees look very temporary, as they’re planted far too closely together in order to grow properly. So, it makes you wonder what will be in the area next?”

Carrie Knapp: “Much better. That heap of junk needed fixing or removing. Now they need to add shops, it’s looking a bit dead down that end.”

Matthew Holdsworth: “It looks awful - at the least the fountain had character!”

Kevin Petersen: “Love the trees look great when lit up.”

John Williams: “Yes, the ‘globe’ was never a stayer, the stream just down from the globe is nicer.”

Chriss Masser: “Fill it in and place a statue of Percy there!”

Jim Vallance: “The trees look oh so boring... It needs a feature in this area for sure... Perhaps a nice water fountain would be a good idea?”