Wrap up warm for big(ger) chill

COLD - that’s the word that sums up the weather to come in the next couple of days.

Tonight (Tuesday February 7), according to Ian Michaelwaite, of netweather.tv, temperatures will drop rapidly through the evening under clear skies, with a low of -6c, possibly even -8c in some areas.

He said: “Ground temperatures around midnight may touch -10c, which leads to a risk of even treated surfaces refreezing, so please take care if you are out and about.

“Into the early hours the cloud will thicken from the east, helping temperatures to recover slightly, though still well below freezing, and there is a chance of a light dusting of snow for some, but not a significant amount where it does fall.

“Expect a very hard frost, allow some extra time to de-ice cars and there is potential for some delays on public transport.

“Wednesday will keep the cold theme, creeping above freezing for a few hours before the frost sets in again overnight, and any breaks in the cloud could lead to similar temperatures to Tuesday night, leaving windscreens well iced and untreated surfaces particularly tricky.

“It looks as if this cold dry spell will be with us until the weekend.

“We’ll update you later this week on how the changes may affect the Horsham district.

“Keep an eye on our website www.netweather.tv for more detailed local forecasts and regular updates.”