World War II fun day for Castlewood pupils


Pupils from Years 5 and 6 at Castlewood Primary School in Southwater have been learning about World War II through role play and a visit to Newhaven Fort.

The staff organised a World War II Day where everyone dressed up in the style of the time.

The children experienced an air raid, sheltering in the PE cupboard until the all-clear came and were then evacuated to live with new families.

They also learnt some basic First Aid in case of injuries and tried to crack codes.

Their World War II studies were also at the forefront of their minds as they explored Newhaven Fort.

Despite the wet conditions, the students enjoyed exploring the outside fortifications. They looked at artefacts from the time in the Museum and experienced what it was like in a real air raid shelter during the Blitz.

Deputy Head, Lauren Brown, said: “It is wonderful to be able to immerse the children in their studies with practical activities so that their learning really comes alive for them”.

The children will now use these experiences to enhance their World War II subject knowledge and inspire their writing.


Report and picture contributed by Castlewood School.