World-renowned vet gives inaugural Centenary lecture at Cranleigh Prep School

Cranleigh Prep Schoolmet Dr. William Fowlds and the Tusk Trust team
Cranleigh Prep Schoolmet Dr. William Fowlds and the Tusk Trust team

On Thursday, 19th September, Cranleigh Prep School were extremely privileged to meet Dr. William Fowlds and the Tusk Trust team.

After being interviewed by two pupils, Oli Jenner and Henry Macpherson for the school Newsletter Buzz, Dr. William Fowlds gave an incredibly inspiring and moving lecture to parents, staff, pupils and some outside visitors on his personal campaign to save the rhino.

The audience was gripped and horrified by stories demonstrating the massive surge in rhino poaching recently.

They discovered that whilst in 2007, 13 rhinos were poached, it is estimated that 900 rhino will be killed in 2013, as a result of increasing demand from South East Asia where tradition maintains rhino horn has healing properties, curing anything from hangovers to cancer.

However, they learned that the horn carries absolutely no medicinal value and is made of protein keratin – like our finger nails!

Dr.William Fowld’s told passionate, first hand tales of his attempts to save the rhino and showed heart-rending photographs of Themba and Thandi, two rhinos who he rescued after they were attacked for their horns and left for dead.

Themba died and Thandi survived – Clare Balding is making a TV programme about her, to be screened in 2014. Charlie Mayhew, CEO and Founder of Tusk, gave some closing words after Dr. Williams Fowlds had received a well-deserved standing ovation.

A very memorable evening was rounded off with drinks and ice-creams in the Roulston Centenary building, which was opened earlier this year.

Having seen Form 2 raise £1,000 for Tusk as their chosen charity last year, Cranleigh Prep. are delighted to have raised a further £2,700 for Tusk through ticket sales, merchandising and a raffle, with prizes donated by Taurus Wines and Cranleigh Florist, Dobbes.

Inspired by such rousing and captivating tales, the Prep School are keen to continue links with Tusk and the children are already exploring ways to raise awareness for this very worthwhile cause.