Workshop for gifted and talented young musicians

Musical workshop at Southwater Junior Academy SUS-150701-114113001
Musical workshop at Southwater Junior Academy SUS-150701-114113001

Pupils from Year 6 at Southwater Junior Academy, Greenway Academy and Leechpool Lane Primary Schools attended a one-day workshop designed to enthuse and inspire Gifted and Talented young musicians.

The children from these schools experienced a hugely challenging and exciting day, under the guidance of Advanced Skills Teacher for Primary Music, Tina Kear.

They worked on rhythm challenges, putting together a Stomp-style routine, learnt warm up action songs, and songs in three part harmony.

The main focus of the day was to compose their own group Christmas Song – writing their own lyrics, composing their tune, learning how to accompany their melody using chords on keyboards and guitars, adding in other instruments such as cellos, flutes, percussion etc and creating harmony parts for their vocals.

The children, aged 10 and 11, worked together incredibly well to create some fantastic compositions.

The children were all thoroughly engaged in the challenges and commented that… “Everything was fantastic” – Elisa “We made brilliant progress with our group composition. I would DEFINITELY come again.” – Henry “I loved every single second of today” – Mollie

Parents were treated to an informal performance at the end of the day, where the children performed their group compositions along with the Stomp Routine and songs they had learnt.

Parents wrote : “Absolutely fantastic! What a wonderful learning experience.” - parents from Southwater

“Absolutely fantastic. The energy, enjoyment and enthusiasm were very evident. Brilliant. Thank you.” – parent from Greenway

“What a fantastic day it was for J and by the production at the end of the day my child clearly wasn’t alone in that. I honestly think that J would say it was one of his best ever school days” – parent from Leechpool Lane Primary School.

Report anf picture contributed by Southwater Junior Academy.