Woman inspires others after losing 25 per cent of her body weight

Lucy Ivankovic lost 25 per cent of her body weight in four years
Lucy Ivankovic lost 25 per cent of her body weight in four years

A woman has revealed how she managed to lose 25 per cent of her body weight in four years by joining the Pulborough Slimming World class.

Lucy Ivankovic, from Link Lane, in Pulborough, joined the weight loss group with a friend in 2012 with the aim of losing a stone.

She viewed it as an ‘investment in her future and her self-esteem’ but never dreamed she would end up losing 25 per cent of her own body weight.

She said: “At my first weigh in I was way heavier than I thought I was, so having the initial ten per cent body weight loss goal was great to have something to aim for until I reached the target I set for myself.

“I had all the support I needed from the group and they gave me the confidence to carry on and on, until now – five and a half years later – Slimming World’s food optimising is just a part of my life.”

Losing 25 per cent of her body weight had led Lucy to take part in marathons and mountain walks.

For the first time, she has maintained her weight loss and is now a diamond member of Pulborough Slimming World after remaining at her chosen target for more than a year.

As a target member, Lucy does not pay but still gets all the support and fun of attending her group.

Her favourite food change has been ditching the bread she used to eat everyday for lunch.

She now typically eats fresh fruit with no fat yoghurt for breakfast, a chicken couscous salad for lunch and her favourite spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

On being welcomed into the new members talk that first evening, Lucy described being hooked by the generous eating plan, which meant she never went hungry and never felt guilty, but shed the pounds week after week.

She added: “Slimming World’s brilliant free food means I can eat unlimited quantities so I never go hungry but still have really great meals.

“(I feel) much more healthy having lost the weight and kept it off.

“By reducing bread, I no longer have indigestion and (my) husband reports that the sleep apnea I suffered with when I was heavier is no longer a problem.

“I no longer jerk awake gasping for air thinking I have been held under a blanket.”

Lucy took over as the consultant of Pulborough Slimming World’s Saturday morning group 12 months ago and she loves welcoming people into the group to shed some pounds.

If you would like to meet her, she is at St Mary’s School, in Link Lane, on Saturdays from 8.30am to 10am.