Winning garden clear out

Horsham Green Gym volunteers at work
Horsham Green Gym volunteers at work

The beautiful Human Nature Garden in Horsham Park, which was recently awarded a Silver Gilt award by South and South East in Bloom had a timely, severe ‘cropcut’ on October 4.

Horsham in Bloom volunteers maintain the garden most Friday mornings but there are times when a lot of work needs to be done in a short time. Horsham Green Gym was invited to help clear the annual beds of cereal crops plus some other annuals which had self seeded.

They came in full force and four extra volunteers from Royal Sun Alliance and tackled the work with great enthusiasm and energy.

In no time at all the tired looking plants had been removed and stacked high ready for removal.

Liz Timmer, acting chair of Horsham In Bloom, said: “As the workforce was tackling the removal of plants they also helpfully turned over the soil. Thank you so much to the members of Horsham Green Gym, the volunteers from RSA ― and the Parks dept of HDC who removed all the cleared vegetation. We couldn’t have done this work without this help.

“The next phase of planting in the annual beds for 2013 will be based on the theme of legumes and pulses; ‘food in tins’. There will be more information available soon.

“Our website gives more information about the Human Nature Garden.

“We want to support and develop connections with ‘horticultural/environmental’ type volunteer groups, so if your group would like to be shown on our website please get in touch. It could help you to recruit new members and will advertise the wonderful work you do.’’

Pictured here, Horsham Green Gym volunteers at work.