Windy weather forces Thursday’s Horsham Markets to close early

Market forced to close in Horsham, Carfax SUS-140910-164749001
Market forced to close in Horsham, Carfax SUS-140910-164749001

Strong winds forced market traders in the Carfax to pack up early this afternoon (Thursday 9).

Stall holders in Horsham Market shut up shop at around 2pm this afternoon after the high winds led to health and safety concerns with the gazebos covering the stalls.

PJ Aldred runs Horsham markets with Marion Carter.

She said: “The gusts are just far too high. We had to close the market as public safety has to come first.

“It is not fun closing the market early and it is not good for the market traders or the businesses around it.

“There are only two things we have to close the market for that is wind and ice. We kept the market open when we had two foot of snow before.

“But that’s the nature of the market. We do not want gazebos flying around.”

Despite the early closure the market will be open again on Saturday and PJ said the weather is looking a little bit better for it.

Marion Wadowski who runs Marion’s de Mont Fort, offering French artisan specialities, said: “There is nothing we can do about it.

“I do understand for safety reasons it is better to close but that is the game. It is probably better to be safe.”

James Colalicco, from DJ’s spot, which offers Czech and Slovakian food said: “ At the start of the day we make the food we think we are going to sell. Because we closed early the wastage goes up so it is a nightmare. But we did alright really. We are not very busy from 2.30pm until 5pm, we are busier at lunchtime. It was a good job it closed after lunch.”