Wind may damage property across Sussex

THE main band of rain has just about cleared the area on Wednesday April 25 morning but says the bad news is there is more to come.

Ian Michaelwaite said areas just to the north and west of the region saw the worst of the rain so far, with accumulations of up to 30mm in West Sussex.

“On the back of the last few hours’ wind and rain, there is more to follow this afternoon,” he said.

“There is the potential for some very punchy storms passing over the area.

“There is a risk of some strong squally winds which may damage property as the storms build during the afternoon, some of them may be well organised and powerful enough to deliver large hail, and localised flooding from very heavy rain as well as the intense wind.”

The actual alert is found here -;sess=

Forum members across the south will be tracking storms as they develop and giving regular updates.