Wild West Murder Mystery

Maddie Murtagh
Maddie Murtagh

A Fittleworth Scout is raising £3,000 so she can travel to Japan for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree.

Maddie Murtagh, aged 13, is close to achieving her target, and is hoping she will get there with the help of her last fund-raising event - a Wild West Murder Mystery evening.

She said: “Every four years, the worldwide Scouting movement comes together for a Jamboree. The next of these events is in July 2015 and is being held in Yamaguchi City in Japan, where around 36,000 scouts will come together.

“The UK is sending 3,000 Scouts, 36 of which are from West Sussex, with four representing the Petworth and Pulborough district. I am proud to have been selected to represent our local area.

“The World Scout Jamboree is important as it helps promote wider understanding between younger generations, creating a group of people who have the skills and motivations to act as ambassadors for other countries.”

The theme of the Jamboree is ‘A Spirit of Unity’. It includes the Kanji character which embraces many meanings including unity, harmony, co-operation, friendship and peace. It also represents Japan and its culture.

Maddie said: “Scouts gathered from all over the world will actively discuss and think about global issues such as peace, and reflect upon their lives through various programmes to encourage their personal development.

“I am very proud to have been selected for this brilliant opportunity and I am looking forward to an amazing first-hand experience of multiculturalism in action and forming international friendships. For more information on the jamboree see: http://www.23wsj.jp

“My scouting experience started when I joined Bury cubs, as one of the first cubs to join 1st Bury Cub Pack. Bury Cubs was, and still is, an amazing experience and I would encourage anyone who is old enough to join. I have lived in Bury all my life and also went to Bury CofE Primary School.

“I now go to 1st Fittleworth Scouts and I love it there. Scouts has definitely taught me a lot and has also made me more confident and adventurous.

“One of the key things about being a scout is self-reliance and helping others. I have therefore been charged with raising the money for the trip not only for myself but also, via Operation Solidarity, contributing to scouts from other countries less fortunate than the UK, so that they can enjoy the Jamboree experience as well. This means I have to raise £3,000.

“This is a lot of money to fundraise but I am almost there and I am holding one more event to get me over the line.”

Wild West Murder Mystery

Bun Fight at Goldorado – A Wild West Murder Mystery will be performed by Castaway Drama, a West Sussex-based touring murder mystery and theatre company, to raise funds for Maddie’s trip.

It will be at Pulborough Village Hall on Saturday March 7, from 7:30 pm.

Tickets cost £15 (includes fish and chips supper; vegetarian option available), licensed bar and raffle. Come dressed for the showdown!

Contact: Bob Murtagh 01798 831762; bob.murtagh@btinternet.com