Why pet puss Ollie is the cat’s whiskers ...

Ollie - new receptionist at Cats Protection National Adoption Centre SUS-160627-122648001
Ollie - new receptionist at Cats Protection National Adoption Centre SUS-160627-122648001

He’s always known he’s the cat’s whiskers - and now others have recognised it too.

Pet puss Ollie has landed the top job at Cat’s Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre at Chelwood Gate.

The adventurous high flier who loves nothing more than networking has been made official reception cat at the centre in Lewes Road.

His duties will include meeting and greeting visitors.

Staff at the centre hope Ollie’s frontline position will help him attract the eye of a new owner while he enjoys perks of the job including having the pick of the office chairs and an endless supply of laps to curl up on.

Centre manager Danielle Draper said Ollie had been handed into the charity’s care after his owners moved home and could no longer keep him.

She said: “Ollie is a lovely, gentle and affectionate cat and he’s great to have around. He loves being fussed and is rather vocal, so it can be a challenge if we’re trying to concentrate!

“He’s a great ambassador for all the cats in our care, showing how fun-loving and entertaining cats can be.

“While he is really lovely company, we’re all really hoping he finds a new home soon as he will make such a wonderful pet.”

While Ollie is happy to enjoy the limelight, Danielle added that other cats at the centre are struggling to find a new owner because they prefer more privacy.

Ten-year-old Jake has been at the centre since March when he was handed in because his owner was ill.

The black-and-white puss, who lost one eye because of an ulcer that could not be treated, had struggled to settle into his indoor pen and has now been moved to an outdoor pen.

Danielle said: “Jake really doesn’t like other cats, so was struggling with the sights and sounds of being in the main centre. We’ve now moved him to an outdoor pen where he is much happier, but it’s harder for him to get noticed by a new owner.

“We’d really like to find him a new home as soon as possible as he is a really lovely cat. Although he’s a bit on the shy side, we know that a special owner would be able to coax him out of his shell to become a wonderful pet.”

To find out more about adopting Ollie, Jake or any of the other cats in the care of the National Cat Adoption Centre, email cattery.reception@cats.or.uk or visit the centre which is open seven days a week from 10am until 4pm.

For more information about the centre, visit www.cats.org.uk/ncac

The entre is situated in on the A275 between Wych Cross and Danehill.