Why Horsham commuters are a happy lot

Commuter hotspots SUS-170327-115335001
Commuter hotspots SUS-170327-115335001

Commuters living in Horsham are some of the happiest in the country.

That’s according to new research into London’s commuter hotspots. It shows that people travelling from Horsham to London to work have one of the highest ‘life satisfaction’ ratings in a survey of 80-plus places in the south east.

The towns have been graded on factors including travel time to London by train, cost of a season ticket, life satisfaction and house prices.

Figures show that although it takes a lengthy 59 minutes for commuters to get to the capital by train from Horsham - and costs a hefty £4,836 annually - life satisfaction is rated highly.

Commuters rank it at 8.14 out of 10 - despite house prices averaging a among the highest in the region at £454,052.

The research was carried out by TotallyMoney.com who found that Swanley in Kent was London’s best overall commuter town, closely followed by Bushey in Hertfordshire.

Figures for other commuter towns show that it takes 49 minutes to reach London by train from Haywards Heath and and costs £4,980 a year in train fares.

Life satisfaction is rated lower than in Horsham at 8.05 out of 10 and the average house price is higher - at £473,719.

Others among the best locally include Horley - ranked in eighth place - and Three Bridges ranked at number 26.

TotallyMoney.com spokesman Joe Gardiner said of the research: “Like so many decisions in life, finding the perfect place you can call home is about balancing what’s important to you.

“Our research has found that more affordable housing and a greater overall satisfaction with life is a powerful draw for people looking to get out of London.”

Figures for Horley show that the average travel time to London is 35 minuts and costs around £4,060 a year.

Life satisfaction is rated eight out of ten, and the average price of a house is £410,320.

For people in Three Bridges, the average travel time to the capital is 36 minutes and rail costs are £4,388 a year.

Life satisfaction is rated at 7.74 out of 10, and the average house price is £318,484.

For people in Crawley, the average travel time to London is 43 minutes and rail travel costs per year are £4,980.

Life satisfaction in the town is scored at 7.74 out of 10 and the average cost of a house in Crawley is said to be £318,484.