White tiger comes to tea for special event at Waterstones

Tiger comes to tea at Warestones, Horsham SUS-141108-123747001
Tiger comes to tea at Warestones, Horsham SUS-141108-123747001

Several children were joined by a beautiful white tiger for a special event to celebrate Global Tiger Day. Waterstones in Horsham held a special reading of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, the classic story, and were joined by wildlife charity Care for the Wild who answered questions about tigers.

The children sat entranced as Bookseller Trish Phillips read the story while the children, including two-year-old Bethany, cuddled the giant tiger – who normally lives in the Care for the Wild office in Brighton Road, Horsham.

Chris Pitt, Campaign and Communications Manager for Care for the Wild, said: “Pretty much everyone loves tigers, and The Tiger Who Came to Tea is probably the way a lot of people first meet them – so it was fitting that Waterstones did a reading on Global Tiger Day.

“The sad thing right now is that tigers in the wild are really struggling – there’s a real danger there’ll be none left in 20 years. So the children who came to see us today may grow up in a world without wild tigers. Care for the Wild are doing everything we can to ensure that doesn’t happen, and that includes setting up Tiger Tea Parties like this one, because the more children who grow up loving tigers, the more adults there will be who can do something to help them.”

To find out how to hold a Tiger Tea Party, and read more about Care for the Wild’s work saving tigers, go to www.careforthewild.com/ways-to-help/fundraise/tea-party-tigers/

Report and picture contributed by Care for the Wild.