Where shall we meet?

St Mary's Church centre decorated for a wedding reception
St Mary's Church centre decorated for a wedding reception

Whether it’s a one off celebration or a space to meet regularly, you need a convenient reasonably priced venue.

A short walk down the Causeway in the centre of Horsham on the right you will find a large old brick building called the St Mary’s Church Centre.

This building has three meeting rooms and a large kitchen. The largest room, called the Barn, is approximately 200 square metres and has a large stage.

There are comfortable cushioned folding chairs for up to 150 people. The high roof is supported by four large hard timber pillars and the roof is lined with oak beams.

There is a shuttered server or bar in one corner and direct access to the kitchen. There is one other room on the ground floor which can easily seat thirty people. There is an additional room on the first floor suitable for meetings of up to 24 people.

There is parking available after 5pm, except Sunday when the car park is open all day.

Who uses the centre apart from the church? We have regular bookings from choirs, folk dance groups, Zumba, youth groups and there are jazz and other concerts. The barn can seat over 100 for celebration meals, is used for wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations and parties.

We have had everyone from The Cats Protection League to art exhibitions and Weightwatchers.

We aim to make everyone welcome and will assist and advise you on how to make the best use of our facilities. Why not have your wedding reception here? It’s a lot cheaper than many hotels.

Why not sample the facilities? For bookings and information contact 01403 253762.

Pictured here, the centre decorated for a wedding reception.