What would you ask UKIP founder in Pulborough?

Gerard Batten
Gerard Batten

It is your chance to see UKIP co-founder and MEP Gerard Batten at Pulborough Village Hall next week.

Mr Batten will be visiting the village on Monday November 25 to discuss how the UK can exit the European Union and the effect it will have.

Elected to the European Parliament in 2004 representing London as its first UKIP MEP, Mr Batten also acts as the party spokesman on Law and Order.

Mr Batten was famously associated with Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Litvinenko, a journalist and former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service.

The MEP asked the European Union to look into Litvinenko’s allegations that many Italian politicians were Soviet agents. The Russian writer was later assassinated via exposure to radiation.

Working closely with Professor Tim Congdon, the Honorary Chairman of The Freedom Association and UKIP spokesman on economics, the duo have produced a series of publications highlighting the cost of EU membership.

Residents are welcome to attend the talk at Pulborough Village Hall, Swan View, off Lower Street, RH20 2BF, Monday November 25, 7.30pm.

For more details on UKIP and Gerard’s role visit www.ukipwsx.org or call 01798 872734.

What issues would you like to raise with Mr Batten at the meeting? Share your thoughts with us.