Weekend of sunshine on the way for Horsham district

Barbecue weather on the way.
Barbecue weather on the way.

It may have been miserable for the past couple of days, with grey clouds across the Horsham district - but the sun is on the way!

The Met Office is predicting a weekend of glorious sunshine with temperatures reaching the mid 20s DegC or higher.

The rest of today (Wednesday July 3) will remain cloudy with the temperature peaking in the high teens.

Thursday won’t be much better until the late afternoon when the sun is expected to make an appearance.

Friday will be a day of change as the wind moves round to the south or east, the sun burns off any remaining cloud and the temperature starts to rise.

Saturday and Sunday are forecast to have sunshine all day with a high of 26degC, although it could be even hotter.

On the downside, the pollen count will be very high.

The longer range forecast is for more sunshine across the south-east with only occasional cloudy days.