WEEKEND DEBATE: What shops do you want in the Horsham district?

Horsham's West Street - a good mix of shops?
Horsham's West Street - a good mix of shops?

Welcome to our new online Weekend Debate.

Each week we will look at an issue that people are talking about and give our readers chance to add comments and join in a poll.

This week we look at shopping and new shops in the Horsham town and the district.

We have recently reported on the possibility of a major John Lewis store coming to the town and this week news comes of Morrisons considering opening a branch on a vacant Novartis site in Horsham.

Across the district, we have seen various smaller shops trying to make their mark.

Some find a niche and succeed while others sadly fall by the wayside.

But what do you think?

What kind of shops do you think Horsham town and the district villages need?

Do we need more big stores or should we all do more to support independent enterprises?

There are only a few shops such as greengrocers or butchers across the district with regular markets providing extra choice for shoppers.

Most of us, though, don’t give these alternatives a second thought as we drive to a superstore.

Is it just that superstores are cheaper or something else?

We are keen to hear your views - add your comments below and enter the poll (right).