Sussex being hit by rare weather phenomenon

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Weather warning ENGPPP00720131223174730 ENGPPP00720131223174730

Sussex is taking a battering this morning (Wednesday January 24) with intense rain and wind due to a rare meteorological phenomenon.

The phenomenon - known as a squall line - is passing over the county this morning bringing a barrage of wind and rain.

A squall line is a thin band of intense rainfall and high winds which sometimes forms ahead of a cold front.

The phenomenon can sometimes lead to frequent lightning, tornadoes and waterspouts. It is also known as a quasi-linear convective system.

The squall line - which has been making its way in a parallel line from the north-east of the country down to the south - is passing over the area as it heads towards the east of the UK.

As the day progresses the weather for Sussex will improve with the rain turning to cloudy conditions and some sunny spells tomorrow.