Storm warning: latest forecast could mean problems for commuters

Monday morning commuters could face a difficult trip into work as weather forecasters are increasingly certain that the approaching stormy weather front will hit Sussex.

Sunday, 27th October 2013, 8:45 am
Stormy weather.

Independent weather forecasters say there was some feeling the front might miss the UK and centre round the continent, but latest information is that ‘the centre of low is likely to cross England and Wales, with strong to exceptionally strong winds on the southern and western flanks. At the moment, models are suggesting the potential for winds gusts in excess of 70mph across southern Britain, perhaps in excess of 80mph on exposed Channel coasts.’

The forecast by from 6pm this evening to Monday 3pm is:

‘Southern England is currently set to see the worst of the winds with a backdrop of strong South-westerly winds. Around 8-10pm Sunday night, as the winds reach Force 8 or 9, severe gale, wind gusts will pick up to 70mph for the Channel coasts.

‘By midnight, land gales will be across the West Country, into Hampshire with damaging gusts for the South coast and Isle of Wight. Through the small hours the land gales extend over Sussex and Kent. Around 6am another round of potentially even stronger winds begin their progress eastwards from Cornwall. The Isles of Scilly and tip of Cornwall seeing storm force Westerly winds which grate along the Channel, Hampshire coastline by 9am more South-westerly, storming past Kent 10am-12pm. This secondary pocket could bring damaging gusts over 80mph. These lunchtime winds could cause real problems on Monday.’

The advice is: ‘Therefore the public and authorities are advised to prepare for the risk of falling trees, damage to properties, disruption to transport and power supplies, along with flooding.’