Rain warning raised to amber as West Sussex faces another battering

An amber warning has been issued for rain and a yellow warning for wind for tomorrow (Monday December 23) and early morning Christmas Eve across West Sussex.

Sunday, 22nd December 2013, 5:51 pm
Stormy weather.

The Met Office has issued the warnings which could see gusts of wind reaching 70mph overnight.

The original yellow warning for rain has now been raised to amber.

West Sussex County Council says the county could see:

20-40mm rain widely with 50-60mm over the higher ground of the North and South Downs.

Wind gust speeds widely around 40-50mph with 60-70mph gusts along the coast.

Flood warnings issued for a few small communities - 4 Flood Alerts have been issued.

Gale force winds could lead to disruption to transport and damage to infrastructure.

Tree branches or even whole trees may come down exacerbating the risk of flooding

Areas of locally heavy rain and a risk of surface water flooding.

Spray expected along the coast.

The council has asked the public to check and make sure that any Christmas trees and decorations you have put up outside are securely tied down as they are at risk of being blown away and may hurt someone or cause damage.

The weather is expected to calm down Christmas Eve afternoon with Christmas Day cloudy and Boxing Day seeing some sunny spells.