Waverley election results tweeted

ELECTION results were tweeted through the night for this first time in Waverley last night.

Waverley used Twitter to announce results ward by ward.

It also announced the referendum result for the borough through the social networking site.

“Although we’ve had a presence on Twitter for some time now, this is the first time we’ve used the site in this way – announcing news the moment it happens,” says Mary Orton, Returning Officer and Chief Executive for Waverley.

“Sites like Twitter are becoming more and more popular among our residents so it makes sense to tweet our news as well as using the more traditional methods of reaching people.”

Mrs Orton continues: “All the results are on our website – which we also updated through the night – but tweeting updates about the election count helped get across the atmosphere of the night to Twitter followers and meant that we could publish results faster than ever before with little effort.”

Visit www.waverley.gov.uk/electionresults for a table of results for the borough election and follow Waverley on Twitter at http://twitter.com/WaverleyBC