Water problems in Southwater


Households in Southwater have experienced a loss of water this morning (February 5).

Southern Water received 14 calls from households in College Road and Woodlands Way this morning informing of a loss of water or low water pressure.

A Southern Water spokesperson said a burst water main in Shipley Road was the cause and it is currently being fixed.

The water supply has been diverted so any affected customers should have regained their supply or should regain it shortly.

A spokesperson said: “Customers may now experience discolouration of the water supply. This is due to harmless iron oxide deposits which collect on the inside of water mains and have been stirred up during the disruption.

“This can be removed by running a mains-fed cold tap, usually the kitchen tap, until the water clears.”

Anyone still experiencing problems can call Southern on 0845 278 0845