Watch out for snow on Sunday

IT’S set to become progressively colder this week in Horsham, with the threat of snow on Sunday.

Ian Michaelwaite, of Netweather, said in a Horsham area forecast: “This week is going to be bitterly cold, a real reminder that it is winter after the weeks of mild temperatures.

“Through the week it will become progressively colder under clearer skies, with overnight temperatures as low as -8c possible and daytime temperatures creeping over 0c for a few brief hours each day.

“The wind adds an extra dimension, coming from the east/north east and will make it feel well below zero day and night until at least the weekend.

“Sunday may see winds slowly swinging back into the west, bringing the risk of some sleet and snow as the milder air moves in, but this is very uncertain at the moment as the battle between cold air to the east and moist milder air from the Atlantic is making it very hard to call an eventual winner that far ahead.

“As we get nearer to the weekend we’ll update this forecast, and you can keep abreast of changes on the site

In the meantime, watch out for frozen surfaces and keep in mind the more vulnerable members of the community who might struggle to keep warm for the next few days.”