Watch the moment an Audi driver narrowly avoids causing serious accident on Horsham road

Dash cam footage has been released of the moment an Audi A3 narrowly avoids causing an accident on a slip-road in Horsham, momentarily re-joins the main road in front of traffic before proceeding the wrong way up the on-ramp.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 11:28 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 8:24 am

The footage, from UK car technology manufacturer Nextbase, shows Glenn Hodges, a professional van driver, witnessing the incident as he approached a slip-road off the A264, near Langhurst Wood Road, Horsham.

Seeing the BMW in front of him indicate to take the turning, Glenn decreased his speed, and was startled to see a grey Audi A3 shoot past and cut in front of him.

Even more shocking was the Audi’s attempt to take the slip-road, with barely any room to spare, while Glenn’s Dash Cam shows speeds of around 55mph.

A still from the dash cam footage

Nextbase say that a combination of Glenn’s van blocking sight of the slip-road and the driver’s speed meant the Audi had not seen the BMW and had to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

Glenn had to brake hard to avoid hitting the rear of the Audi as it swerved across his lane and had to repeat this even harder when the Audi veered back into his driving line to avoid the BMW.

Fortunately, Glenn was aware of a silver Mazda to his right and didn’t move into the outside lane to avoid the collision.

However Nextbase add that, to Glenn’s surprise, the erratic driving of the Audi did not end there.

After missing the slip-road, the driver did not opt to continue down the dual carriageway and correct his error at the next junction, rather he turned to his left at the next opportunity and proceed the wrong way up the on-ramp.

Following the incident, police are reviewing the footage and have taken a statement from Glenn to allow for further investigation.

Glenn, who captured the whole incident on his Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam, said: “I don’t make a habit of sharing my Dash Cam footage, but this needed to be seen to demonstrate the dangers of cutting someone up.

“It’s lucky that I drive for a living! I’m an experienced driver, so I know how to handle most situations, but this one really shook me up as it all happened so fast.”

Richard Browning, Director at Nextbase, commented: “The footage from Glenn’s Dash Cam will help the police to identify the culprit and it will then be up to them to determine a suitable course of action.

“Whatever they decide, it is to address incidents such as this that we launched the National Dash Cam Safety Portal.

“By giving drivers the ability to upload incidents which put other motorists’ lives at risk directly to the relevant police force, and the more streamlined means of processing this footage, we hope to improve road safety across the board.”