Waiting an hour for tickets at newly refurbished station

JPCT 28-08-12 S12341440X  Horsham Railway Station. refurbishment -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 28-08-12 S12341440X Horsham Railway Station. refurbishment -photo by Steve Cobb

Passengers using the newly refurbished Horsham railway station have complained about long queues causing them to miss trains - just two weeks after it reopened.

The station has been undergoing major redesign of the layout inside for the past year but customers using the new building have contacted the County Times saying they are disappointed with the level of service there.

Ian Clark writes: “My son, Andrew, has just spent over 50 minutes queuing for tickets at the new improved, shiny ticket office at Horsham railway station. Southern Rail spent how much improving the station but forgot to arrange the staffing levels.

“Andrew was buying a monthly ticket which cannot be purchased at one of the machines. My son also witnessed a lady missing her train to Bognor and having to wait 60 minutes for the next service due to the queues.”

Others have seen long queues at kiosks suggesting there were fewer than before the renovation, but a Southern spokesman said this was not the case.

“The ticket office has the same number of operational windows as before, with the same levels of ticket office staff available for customers.

“In addition, two new ticket machines have been installed, giving passengers an even greater opportunity to buy their tickets before they board the train. Staffing levels at the station have not changed and we have not received any complaints from passengers saying that they have missed their train because they were unable to buy a ticket.”