Vote for your favourite sculpture

Art has long been recognised as one of the most effective ways of communicating a message.

Never was that more true than the annual Better Tomnorrows Sculpture Challenge aimed at promoting the waste prevention and recycling message in West Sussex.

Checking out the sculptures. Photo: Lucky Dog Photography

Checking out the sculptures. Photo: Lucky Dog Photography

Students at sixth forms and universities across the region were invited to create a piece of sculpture aimed at highlighting the environmental work of Better Tomorrows - which is a community interest company.

On Friday June 15 all their work was showcased at the Cass Sculpture Foundation at Goodwood where a panel of judges - including the Editor in Chief of the County Times Gary Shipton and West Sussex Gazette - selected the winners.

Now, readers have the chance to participate in the event - by voting for their favourite piece of sculpture from the selection in the slideshow.

It’s very easy - just watch the slideshow and vote using the poll (right).

PLEASE NOTE: due to a technical problem the order in the poll isn’t 1 - 14 but the numbers you see do correspond to the sculpture. We are working on a solution.

Better Tomorrows is committed to changing how we think and behave in order to be more environmentally-friendly and more sustainable - whether you are a business or a member of the community.

Back in 2009 Better Tomorrows joined with the Cass Sculpture Foundation to develop the competition.

The official judges gave first place to Aimee Determan’s Britain’s Fridge (sixth form award) and Sam Lloyd took the university award with Existence is but a Moment.

But what is your choice?