VIP Menswear Champagne Launch Party at Tomoli & Will

Readers' news
Readers' news
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VIP Customers from Sussex celebrated the arrival of the new Menswear store in the basement of Tomoli & Will, Designer Fashion, in Horsham last Thursday night (September 5).

Over 60 people attended the East Street Champagne Reception. Lesley, a VIP customer from Horsham wrote to us after the event with these exciting words:-

“It was lovely to be able to attend on Thursday night and wonderful to see the new women’s wear collections, which seemed to be - almost - hovered from the rails by the beautifully dressed clientele.

“Clearly they had already discovered Tomoli & Will on previous trips! The new collections have been chosen with usual care for beautiful fabrics and cleverly fitting clothes that seem designed to flatter every different body shape and make the wearer look chic, feminine and desirable.

“I managed to tear myself away to view the new menswear collections and the range of different age groups looking through the rails confirmed that the Tomoli & Will team have managed to fill the rails with a collection that is both trendy, wearable and would create a different look when worn by different age groups.

“The menswear combined soft, beautifully cut pieces which included small design details to set them apart in terms of quality and wearability from the high street - but without breaking the bank.

“Congratulations on a really successful evening. I hope the new collection brings you the success you deserve, and which reflects your hard work, in putting together your women’s wear and menswear Autumn and Winter collections”