Villagers’ concerns about damage to homes caused by speed bumps


Speed bumps have caused damage to village homes it was heard at a committee meeting last week.

Bramber residents voiced their frustration at the county local committee meeting, held in Steyning on March 6, about cracks appearing on their walls due to the vibrations caused by large vehicles driving over speed bumps on The Street.

Steyning Parish Council chairman David Barling explained to the committee that only two speed bumps are currently planned to be removed, when in fact there are more causing the same damage to other homes in the area.

“One of these speed bumps is outside Sue Neufield’s house and it’s not being removed, even though new cracks are developing every time a bus passes by.”

Mrs Neufield added: “I’m desperate to see the bumps removed. My cottage shakes when vehicles go by. I was in my bathroom and I could feel everything move.

“I can’t see my home staying there for much longer with these speed bumps there.”

Peter Thorogood, owner of St Mary’s House - a 15th century grade I listed building, said he had been struggling to save the cottage since 1993 but now, aged 85, is finding it harder to fight.

He said:“We can see china shifting off the shelves due to the vibrations.”

Mr Thorogood explained that the ancient plaster between the walls has been there since 1440 and that he is trying his best to preserve it.

Mr Barling recommended that when the two speed bumps are removed, the other should be arranged to be done at the same time.

Committee member Ed Dickinson opposed combining the jobs.

Mr Dickinson said: “Surface dressing is a simple, low cost job to a road, but to remove and resurface a bump is much more complicated.

“Our efforts should not be combining the jobs, but rescheduling the work and bringing it forward.”

Committee member Frank Wilkinson agreed: “We need to treat it with upmost urgency and have a meeting in the near future, and come back with an answer.”