VIDEO: Youtube stars discuss new show

YouTube presenters were unleashed on the people of Horsham last week to promote their new show ‘WakeUpWithTV’.

Elana Di Troya, 21, and Jack Maynard, 18, spoke to stall holders, danced on the bandstand and kicked back in Cromptons to talk about their new online venture together.

JPCT 031013 Actress Elaan Di Troya and Youtube star Jack Maynard  in Horsham. Photo by Derek Martin

JPCT 031013 Actress Elaan Di Troya and Youtube star Jack Maynard in Horsham. Photo by Derek Martin

“We interview artists, like up-and-coming people and those who’ve already made it, and we set each other a challenge each week, basically just to embarrass each other,” said Jack.

Launched last month and filmed all over Sussex, WakeUpWithTV has already seen interviews with rapper Mikill Pane, Ronan Parke (Britain’s Got Talent) and pop sensation Conor Maynard (Jack’s older brother).

“We really don’t ask them the standard single/album questions, we try to ask them things that people don’t know about them - really try and dig deep,” said Jack.

Injecting some frivolous fun into the mix, the comical duo have been conjuring up bold challenges for each other to take on.

Actress Elana was set the tricky task of flying a plane over Shoreham Airport.

“I was excited, but then it got to the point when I was on the plane,” said Elana.

“It’s not a normal plane you would go on holiday in, it’s a rickety one and when you get in it the whole thing starts to shake.”

On the other hand, Jack had to dive from a five metre board, but was more concerned about his skimpy attire.

“Mine was really embarrassing because I had to wear the tightest swimming trunks, I mean they genuinely hurt, it was really uncomfortable and I’d never dived in my life,” he said.

Both Sussex based, Elana grew up in the Horsham area and now resides in Billingshurst, Jack lives in Brighton and hosts his own YouTube show ‘Jack says’.

“We can’t call it work - we do have fun,” adds Elana.

“Someone Tweeted me the other day to say you’re the luckiest girl ever being able to interview all the hot topics, can I please live in your handbag.”

Filmed on location and partly in a studio on Graylands Estate in Horsham, WakeUpWithTV is available to watch now on YouTube with a new episode each week.

Visit to find out more about the presenters.

Seeking sponsors and guests, if any local talent or businesses want to get in touch with WakeUpWithTV email