VIDEO: Your thoughts on the Spring snow

April has followed last month’s chilly lead as the district saw the return of a few snow flurries this afternoon (April 4).

For the UK as a whole, March was joint second coldest on record, alongside 1947, and was colder than December, January and February.

Daffodil in the snow as Spring has seen below average temperatures

Daffodil in the snow as Spring has seen below average temperatures

Reporter Jasmin Martin took to the streets of Horsham to find out your thoughts on the cold weather and the return of the white stuff.

Jonathan McKeown from Warrenpoint, County Down, Ireland, said: “I think it’s very atmospheric and it really sets the town off.

“We’re visiting for the day and it really adds to the atmosphere and I think it’s really nice.”

Scottish-born Danny Sloan who lives in Horsham agreed calling the Spring snow ‘atmospheric’.

Bill Wickham, who has been a Horsham resident for around 25 years, said: “I’m quite old now so I don’t like it as much as I did when I was younger, but I prefer it to rain any day.

“I was brought up in a cold snowy place and it would usually be snowing at this time of the year anyway.”

Gary Smith from Crawley is hoping the long winter will give way to a nice hot summer.

He said: “It could be worse but hopefully in a few weeks we’re going to get some decent weather.

“Hopefully we’ll get some pay back and get the decent hot weather for the summer.”

The weather is set to get gradually warmer over the next couple of weeks, returning to average temperatures for this time of year.