VIDEO: Youngsters revamp Horsham skate park

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Young people from Horsham will volunteer their time today (Wednesday October 9) to breathe new life into the town’s popular skate park.

The group of 17 to 24-year-olds will repaint it and prune trees as part of community project organised by the Prince’s Trust.

JPCT 081013 Prince's Trust team raising money to paint skate park. Photo by Derek Martin

JPCT 081013 Prince's Trust team raising money to paint skate park. Photo by Derek Martin

They gathered funds and resources by donating lunch packs to local businesses and residents last week.

One of the volunteers, Georgina Holloway, 17, ‘proud’ to be of Partridge Green, said: “I’m enjoying doing something for someone else instead of myself.”

Omar King, 17, of Horsham, who also joined the course to better his work and life skills, said: “It’s been a really good experience because I’m sort of shy so it’s hard to meet new people and it’s been really helpful with that - the team-building has given me the confidence to.”

The team planned the community project with minimal guidance from their two team leaders, who are staff at the national charity for disadvantaged youth, over last week.

The team are around half-way through the 12-week course, which is the only programme of its kind in Horsham run by the Prince’s Trust.

The following two weeks will focus on finding the young adults work placements.

Stephen Arundel, 34, of Worthing, one of the team leaders, said: “It’s a bit corny but I like to think we’re changing the world one seven billionth at a time and each young person leaves in a better place than they were before.

“They all come out of it with something.”

The young people will give a presentation to invited members of the community, for which Stephen aims to include local celebrities.

It is hoped that the course will develop their CVs and enhance their employability skills.

Speaking about how the course has been of benefit, Daniel Knight, 24, of Horsham, told the County Times: “It’s a learning curve this course. I’ve come here to cope with my mental issue.

“The course has helped a lot in the way of getting back into a routine and the work environment and meeting new people. I do admit I find it hard, meeting new people.

“I want a business and it gives me the first steps I need to find that business.”