Video: young Sniffles the hedgehog rescued

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Meet Sniffles the young hedgehog being cared for by Horsham based Care for the Wild International.

This ‘autumn jvenile’, as they are known, was found outside looking for food.

Rescued hedgehog.

Rescued hedgehog.

Care for the Wild, based in Brighton Road, say this suggests that his mother has either died or he’s part of a late brood and there’s not enough food.

“Either way, at 150g he’s too small and on his own won’t gain enough weight before winter to keep him alive during hibernation.”

Care for the Wild’s wildlife carer will take care of him indoors for a while, feeding him a special milk formula and other food until he has reached the appropriate weight.

He will then be put safely outside so he can forage around and eventually hibernate.

Care for the Wild’s wildlife carer Tarnya Knight said: “Sniffles was found out and about in the daytime looking for food.

“He’s tiny so there’s no way he’ll gain enough weight to get him through the winter hibernation.

“We’ll keep an eye on him, feed him up a bit and with a bit of luck in a few weeks he’ll be ready to sleep and survive through the winter.”