VIDEO: Sponsored 24 hour famine for Philippines appeal

Eight year old Leah Harman, from Horsham, will be going without food for 24 hours to raise money for disaster relief in the Philippines.

Leah told the County Times that the idea came to her while she was watching TV, and saw an advert asking for donations.

Leah Harman with mum Susan.

Leah Harman with mum Susan.

“They looked so sad that I wanted to help them,” she explained.

A look on the internet revealed that there were people on the disaster-hit islands who hadn’t eaten for days.

“They hadn’t eaten since Friday, and I didn’t even know how that feels,” said Leah.

She will be going without food from 5pm today (Friday November 15) to 5pm tomorrow.

After that Leah will be able to tuck into her favourite meal - most likely a pizza.

She said she realises that, while she will have that to look forward to, the people she is raising money for do not.

Her mum Susan said they had initially hoped to raise £100 - enough to provide bedding and shelter for a family.

However, after just one day, friends and family had contributed more than £200.

The money will be going to the Philippines Typhoon Appeal, run by the Disasters Emergency Committee.

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