VIDEO: Safety fears over Broadbridge Heath roundabout crossing

A grandfather-of-two has called for urgent road safety measures to protect pedestrians on a Broadbridge Heath roundabout.

Derek Castle, whose son and grandchildren live in the village, says major changes need to be made to the Farthings Hill Roundabout to allow cyclists and people travelling on foot to cross it safely.

JPCT 081113 S13460196x Broadbridge Heath. Farthings Hill roundabout safety concerns Derek Castle - photo by Steve Cobb

JPCT 081113 S13460196x Broadbridge Heath. Farthings Hill roundabout safety concerns Derek Castle - photo by Steve Cobb

He felt the speed of motorists coming off the A24 and the A264, especially at rush hour in the morning and evening, presented a danger to people crossing to get from Broadbridge Heath to Horsham or visa-versa.

Mr Castle from Gaggle Wood, Mannings Heath, said: “Every time I walk into Horsham it’s like taking my life into my own hands.”

He added: “People are driving like maniacs and it’s getting worse, and worse, and worse.”

While babysitting in Broadbridge Heath twice a week with his wife, he said he noticed the problem when walking into Horsham town centre.

Mr Castle thought a pelican crossing on both sides of the roundabout would slow traffic down and allow pedestrians to cross the road safely.

He explained: “What is required is an effort from West Sussex County Council to not only think of the cars, but to think about pedestrians and cyclists and to enforce the speed limits.

“If they put a camera on the top of Farthings Hill I think they would catch 10,000 people in a day. It’s horrendous.”

West Sussex County Council is currently introducing changes to roads in the surrounding area, due in part to the new 1,044 home Berkeley Homes development West of Horsham, and 963 house scheme south of Broadbridge Heath.

It is due to bring in traffic signals to the approach roads to the Farthings Hill roundabout using the latest technology to identify queues forming and adjust the green time accordingly.

As part of WSCC’s plans signal-controlled crossings will be introduced for pedestrians and cyclists to allow them to cross more safely.

It claims that when the new A24 junction south of Farthings Hill, and the new Broadbridge Heath link road is completed, most of the traffic using the roundabout will be local.

A new cycle bridge over the A24 will also be built to replace the existing footbridge south of Farthings Hill roundabout but Mr Castle questioned whether this would be used by new or existing residents in Broadbridge Heath.