VIDEO: Novel by Horsham soldier turned sea diver

A front-line soldier turned scuba diving instructor has written a novel inspired by his adventures.

Liam Wakefield, 23, from Bracken Grove, Roffey, has written a dark fantasy novel which will be published on Friday (February 14).

Liam fought on the front line in Afghanistan for seven months before taking a major change of career and moving to Tenerife to instruct in scuba diving.

The former Forest School student said his adventures have filtered into his novel, titled ‘Erik and the curse of the Grimisoul’.

He said: “My head seems to be in a fantasy world most of the time I guess from being in the war.

“Writing the book was like my own personal therapy, to escape and be content and be away from the real world in a way.”

After being in the army from the age of 18 to 21, Liam moved in with a member of his family in Tenerife where he trained to be a scuba diving instructor and stayed in that job for five months.

He said: “It was absolutely fantastic, a complete change from the army.

“I was taking people of expeditions in the sea and taking them to another world was brilliant.

“I was doing that six days a week, all day. On my days off I would usually go for a dive as well.

“I’ve never fitted into the mundane nine to five role.

“I’m very adventurous. I’ve always got a new adventure on my mind.”

After collecting many ideas for the book throughout his adventurous years, it only took three months for Liam to write up his dark fantasy novel.

Other than his adventures, a lot of the story was influenced by Liam’s interest in Norse Mythology, tales of various deities, beings, and heroes.

He said: “It’s about a young man’s journey to rid a curse that is claiming the lives of all he holds dear.

“It is a magical tale of adventure, the bond of brotherhood, love and the overcoming of nefarious foe.”

One of the main aspect’s of Liam’s life which has featured within the novel was his experience of Army brotherhood.

He said: “The time we had out there was very tough and we have nothing but to bond with the men you’re fighting alongside because at the end of the day the men out there are your brothers.”

This is the first of a potential series of books and Liam said he has been working on another book which he hoped to sell to raise money for charity once he has made himself known as an author.

The front cover of the novel was illustrated by his father and artist, John Wakefield. The book will be available on Amazon.