VIDEO: Mike McTugget and exploring team to scale Mount Snowdon

His name is Mike McTugget the ‘explorer extraordinaire’ and, along with his trusted band, he hopes to conquer Mount Snowdon next week and raise big funds for charity.

Monday, 19th August 2013, 10:42 am
Mike McTugget and his band of explorers

In fact, Mike McTugget is the alter-ego of Daniel Guy who manages ‘Nice and Local’, an Upper Beeding convenience shop. But with his new identity, Daniel hopes to take on the highest mountain in Wales, Mount Snowdon, and raise £2,000 for St Barnabas House.

Accompanied by a team of eight, comprised of friends and family dressed in vintage-style explorers’ garb, the band will grow their beards, pull up their socks and take on their ambitious challenge on August 26.

Daniel said: “I’ve taken on the persona of Mike McTugget and given everyone else a name, but I don’t think they’ve taken it to the extreme as I have.”

Mike McTugget and his band of explorers

Starting out as playful banter between Daniel and his brother Jason Guy, a simple holiday snowballed into a big fund raising event.

“It began as a joke. My brother and I decided to grow beards for our trip to Wales and do some exploring last year.

“This year we’re going back to Wales and growing our beards again, so I thought we could climb Mount Snowdon, take on these personas and do it all for charity.”

The £2,000 target set by the team will be donated to St Barnabas House, a hospice in Worthing.

“St Barnabas means something to everyone in the group. They all know someone who’s been helped by the hospice.”

The Worthing resident said that his dedication to creating his 19th century explorer persona was no surprise to his friends and family.

“People who know me sort of expect it because I have quite a vivid imagination and an idea I have will snowball into the biggest thing.”

In preparation for the big day, Daniel has been working hard to get into shape.

“Some of the team think it’s going to be easy, but others realise that it’s still a whole mountain to climb and so have been training away.

“I suffer from asthma, so I’ve been going to the gym.”

Promoting the event with flyers and a humorous folk song circulating the internet (written and performed by Daniel), the 28-year-old hopes to spread awareness.

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