VIDEO: Make old homes energy efficient

If your home is cold in the winter, suffers from the damp and is pre-1919, then a Pulborough author has published a guide to help bring your home up to spec.

Roger Hunt has been writing about properties for more than 20 years and knows how to bring an ancient home into the 21st century.

JPCT 050413 S13150332x Pulborough. Author Roger Hunt -photo by Steve Cobb

JPCT 050413 S13150332x Pulborough. Author Roger Hunt -photo by Steve Cobb

His new book, ‘Old House Eco Handbook’ is co-written with building surveyor, Marianne Suhr, and shows home owners how to be energy efficient without compromising the look and value of their Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian homes.

“Now the government wants homes to be more energy efficient and people are trying to save money, I thought it would be useful to point people in the right direction,” said Mr Hunt.

Interviewing industry experts and researching a multitude of documents, Hunt and Suhr realised that making a home energy efficient does not have to be costly.

“Stopping drafts is not expensive - you can insulate the loft yourself or use secondary glazing to the windows,” he explained.

Forwarded by Kevin McCloud, the Grand Designs TV personality claims that there are 26 million homes in Britain, most of which are ‘as well insulated as a rabbit hutch’.

Mr Hunt continued: “You wouldn’t throw away a Victorian chair into a skip, so why would you throw away your Victorian windows.”

User-friendly, the handbook includes chapters on roofs, ceilings, windows, doors, walls, floors and paints, accompanied by illustrations, but this is not a ‘do it yourself’ book.

“You need to know about the things you shouldn’t do yourself as well as the things you should.”

In 2008, the duo made their debut with, ‘Old House Handbook: A Practical Guide to Care and Repair’ which is said to be a companion for their latest publication. Mr Hunt said: “It’s not only popular amongst home owners, but industry professionals too.”