VIDEO: Loxwood Joust two-day medieval festival

The Loxwood Joust, an annual two-day medieval festival featuring numerous attractions and activities for adults and children, enjoyed a successful second year last weekend (Aug 3 and 4).

The event’s theatrical jousting competition and main event told a family-friendly tale of good against evil featuring slapstick humour and adult quips by the MC, who chided naughty knights.

Loxwood Joust 2013

Loxwood Joust 2013

Crowds could be seen moving between the start and end of events which included educational tents with temporal characters telling their stories, comical stage performances and a number of medieval personalities wandering the festival’s seven contained meadows.

The event’s organiser, Maurice Bacon, of London, said: “Somewhere like this gives you the feeling that you could in the 15th century, that’s what’s so unique with this site - that you can bury yourself within the meadows.”

He added: “The children come here with their mouths wide and eyes open and we give them an amazing spectacle with the knights, horses, and other characters.

“As someone who work in entertainment, it’s always great to do something with a buzz which people enjoy.”