VIDEO: Horsham MP visits John Lewis and Waitrose store

Horsham MP Jeremy Quin paid a visit to Horsham’s John Lewis and Waitrose store this afternoon (August 26).

Mr Quin was treated to a behind the scenes tour of the new £11million building, in Albion Way, and met with staff and customers to discuss the latest addition to the town’s shopping experience.

Jeremy Quin visits John Lewis and Waitrose store

Jeremy Quin visits John Lewis and Waitrose store

He said: “It is not the first time I have been to the store but it is great to get to see the behind the scenes view.

“I can see why it has been such a successful addition to the shopping experience provided by Horsham.

“It is a busy store providing different experiences to customers and it is great to see people coming from far afield not only to shop in this store but to shop in a number of places throughout the town.”

Mr Quin added he was delighted Horsham was leading the way in the retail market with the store being one of the first in the country to feature both John Lewis and Waitrose in the same building.

He continued: “It is great to see that a lot of people are also being employed in the store from the area. It is not just Waitrose and John Lewis who are benefiting.

“We have got a range of good supermarkets in the town and hopefully one day we will get a good discount store as well so we get the full range.

“But the store is a great addition to the town.”

Nigel Davis, branch manger at John Lewis at Home, said he was delight Mr Quin had decided to visit the store and wanted to help develop business in the town centre in the future.