VIDEO: Horsham man’s Lego world record attempt

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A man from Horsham has built a name for himself after breaking a world record back in November.

Paul Mellers held the Guinness World Record for the most Lego Bricks stacked using one hand in 30 seconds after beating the record of 32 at the Lego convention ‘Brick’ on November 27.

Paul Mellers Lego World record breaker SUS-140512-111338001

Paul Mellers Lego World record breaker SUS-140512-111338001

But the 30-year-old has since lost his crown, just three days after he won it, as his attempt of 33 bricks was beaten by another competitor who managed to put together 37.

Paul said: “Of course I will go back and try and beat it I have some ground to claw back. I am not surprised it got beaten, I think there is a definite scope for that 37 to be beaten. In the heats I managed 38 but that didn’t count.

“I just hope that a child has beaten that record and had a really good day as it made me feel like a kid when I broke it.”

Paul showed off his skills at the County Times office this week and managed to beat the new record, however because there were no invigilators present the attempt did not count.

Can you beat the record?

Send your video attempts to and read the full interview with Paul in next weeks paper.