VIDEO: History of ‘The Common’ area in Horsham and church recorded

Photographs that were ‘so close to going on the skip’ have been put to far better use as part of a book documenting the history of an area of Horsham.

Following two years of hard work and research by a four-strong team, a 111-page book detailing the history of Holy Trinity Church in Rushams Road and the surrounding area in western Horsham, formerly known as ‘The Common’, is set for release.

JPCT 141013 S13411188x  Horsham. Rushams Road. Holy Trinity Church book -photo by Steve Cobb

JPCT 141013 S13411188x Horsham. Rushams Road. Holy Trinity Church book -photo by Steve Cobb

Jane O’Sullivan, 54, explained how she stumbled upon a number of old photographs and church memorabilia in a box that was set to be thrown away.

She said: “We are relieved that the information is there - it was so close to going on the skip and now it’s all together and we have got this book.”

Hundreds of photographs, newspaper clippings and memories are featured in the book, with much of the accompanying research having been done by Rosemary Stock.

Rosemary, 60, said: “I am pleased we have put together something that will stay for the next generation to enjoy.

“A lot of memories we had were from people in their 80s and we thought if we didn’t do it now they would be lost forever.

“It is keeping the history of the area alive because it is in danger of disappearing - it is a living legacy.”

The team - known as the Holy Trinity Archive Group - explained that the book changed from being an update on the church’s history to including a detailed section on ‘The Common’, the area known as the Trafalgar ward today.

They are hopeful the book, which goes as far back into the archives as 1879, will be released in November, but first need to raise £1000 through sponsorship to cover the cost of printing.

Peter Hooker, 84, originally compiled some photographs for an exhibition at the church’s centenary celebrations in October 1999.

He said: “My wife and I put together a photographic exhibition with some of the written material, but it wasn’t very successful.

“When Jane discovered all this I thought I would come and have another go.”

Another member of the group, Libby Risby, also contributed to its production.

All proceeds from the book, which costs £10, will go to the church.

Sponsors will have their name included in a list in the book, or list a name to be included in an ‘In Memoriam’ section.