VIDEO: High achiever shares secret to GCSE success

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A high achiever at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham has thanked her teachers after gaining outstanding GCSE results yesterday (Thursday August 22).

Olivia Walsh took home six A*s, three As and one B in her GCSEs yesterday and is staying on at the boarding school for sixth form to study French, Music, English and Latin at A-level.

From left, Stephen, Olivia and Lulu Walsh

From left, Stephen, Olivia and Lulu Walsh

The 16-year-old said: “I was nervous and had been discussing with my friends and stressing for a while.

“When I felt ready, I went down and got the envelope. I thought they would all be on one letter but they were on four bits of paper so it was kind of like making sense of all the different modules and grades - it was a relief just that they weren’t bad.”

Olivia thanked her science teacher for helping her do well in a subject that she found difficult.

The high-flyer said: “I got a load of texts from all my friends and my parents were pleasantly surprised about how I did.

“When we went home we just relaxed. I emailed some of my teachers thanking them.

“I’m not generally good at science so I emailed my science teacher and she was happy with me.”

Stephen Walsh, 52, Olivia’s ‘very proud’ father and an English teacher at Christ’s Hospital, said: “She’s done really well, she was very well organised and is looking forward to going on to sixth form.

“I’m very proud of her, I think she’s done really well I’m very pleased she has taken on the things she wasn’t so good at and done well.”

The young woman started her revision before her Easter holidays and managed to keep up playing music and sports for her school’s orchestra, music bands and teams.

Sharing her revision strategy, Olivia said: “I started revision quite early, and throughout the Easter holidays every day did a couple of subjects for a few hours.

“I always made sure that I exercised so I didn’t stew over my work.”

And speaking of her spare time, added: “I run and enjoy practising music - I play the clarinet and sax.

“I want to carry on that but I don’t think I want it to be my career so I think I’d probably go languages.

“I’m hoping to go to the last night of the proms with my friend.”