VIDEO: Fox stranded on roof in Horsham town centre

Foxes are well known for their cunning - but one has got himself into a difficult situation in Horsham town centre today (Tuesday January 27).

Crowds of people have gathered outside Boots in Medwin Walk to take in the unusual sight of a fox stuck on the shop roof.

The fox stuck on the roof above Boots. Photo by Tharwat Tawfek

The fox stuck on the roof above Boots. Photo by Tharwat Tawfek

An RSPCA officer at the scene dampened hopes of a dramatic rescue attempt and said the creature would most likely be left to make his own escape overnight.

Tony Woodley, one of the RSPCA’s Sussex officers, said spending ‘an embarrassed day on the roof’ would be the safest situation for the fox.

He said: “There is not going to be any kind of dramatic rescue by the RSPCA - I think that would not be the right thing for him.

“It has become daylight and we have got all this activity that’s going on down here, extra traffic, and the best thing I think is for him to spend perhaps a rather embarrassed day on the roof.

Fox stranded on Horsham roof. Photo by Mark Dunford

Fox stranded on Horsham roof. Photo by Mark Dunford

“When it is dark, I think you will find he’ll let himself down and make his way off.”

It is believed the fox, thought to be a young male, scampered onto the roof from the top of Swan Walk Car Park.

Tony said: “What we have got here is a young fox who I think has probably got up onto this roof from the top which is connected to the car park overnight and now he can’t work his way out.

“It’s not unusual to see a fox around here but it is a bit unusual to see him on the roof here.

“Hopefully he will learn his lesson but we will check to make sure he is not here in the morning.”

Locals have taken to social media to have their say on the daring animal’s brush with death.

On the County Times’ Facebook page, Sam Lord wrote: “Fantastic Mr Fox! Not quite so fantastic!”

James and Laura Green added: “Looks like he was just trying to sun bathe in peace and quiet. Found a nice secret place too until someone saw him.”

Joe Lyons submitted a photograph to the County Times and said: “Is the hazard from low flying foxes a more pressing issue than the questions surrounding a second runway at Gatwick?”

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