VIDEO: Firefighters free man from Horsham car park lift

Firefighters worked tirelessly to free a man trapped in one of the Forum Car Park’s lifts yesterday (Thursday April 26).

Zeno Messis, 47, Horsham, who was released from the lift at around 3:18pm, thanked West Sussex Fire and Rescue and said he could not express his gratitude enough.

Man trapped in The Forum lift (JJP).

Man trapped in The Forum lift (JJP).

Eyewitnesses say they heard a loud bang before a glass panel shattered which automatically stopped the elevator.

However readers on Facebook Michelle Dewey and Catriona Findlay said that the glass panel was already shattered when they used the lift earlier on Thursday, and it had already been reported to Horsham District Council.

On Twitter Michelle Jones added: “They’ve got to be the most jinxed lifts in Horsham. Always something wrong with them.”

For the full story see next Thursday’s paper.