VIDEO: Children’s favourite story characters come to life

Classrooms were filled with colourful costumes as young book-lovers dressed up to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday March 7.

Schools in the South Downs joined in the fun, with pupils choosing to come made up as their favourite literary characters.

JPCT 070313 Book day at Coldwaltham school. Photo by Derek Martin

JPCT 070313 Book day at Coldwaltham school. Photo by Derek Martin

Favourite authors included Roald Dahl, Dr Seuss and Julia Donaldson, although the mix of characters was wide and varied.

Children at St Mary’s CE (Aided) Primary School in Pulborough also enjoyed a vist from Angela Mitchell, author of ‘The Jelly that Wouldn’t Wobble’.

Giles Paley-Phillips had also met children the day before, with his books ‘Tamara Small and the Monsters’ Ball’ and ‘The Fearsome Beastie’, kindly organised by Maverick Art Publishing.

Both authors had inspired groups of children by their presentations; Emma Jolliffe, a parent, commented: “Both my girls came home from school full of enthusiasm and excitement and wanted to read their new books”.

The day started with an amazing parade of book character costumes from all staff and pupils, followed by an assembly all about the value of books.

The rest of the day was filled with reading between younger and older children and other activities based around books.

Head teacher at Amberley First School and St James Primary School Michelle Clifford said: “World Book Day was a great success at both our schools.

“The children all dressed up as characters from favourite books and some of the costumes were very imaginative.

“During the day the children tried to match photographs of all the staff to books that the staff had enjoyed as children and this proved to be really difficult.

Children also designed their own book covers, invented new titles for books and made special little books to write their own stories.

“Later in the day some of the parents and governors came into school and read to small groups of children.

“We all had a fantastic time.’

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