VIDEO: Ceramic Shack - coming soon to Piries Place

A new pottery painting studio is opening soon in Piries Place.

Ceramic Shack owner Trisha Lefevre said it will be an informal place, where people can pop in to chat about what they want.

“People can choose an item that they want to decorate,” she said. “They use our facilities, our paint, our brushes and other equipment.”

The customer can then leave the item with studio staff, who will glaze and fire it ready for collection in a week’s time.

“It’s very individual, very personal - they can do as much or as little as they want,” said Trisha.

She added that the personal touch makes painted ceramics a great gift for special occasions like Mother’s Day.

“It’s something I got interested in myself last year, as a bit of a hobby,” said Trisha. She knew a lot of people that were interested in painting ceramics, but they had to travel a long way for the right facilities, hence her decision to open Ceramic Shack.