VIDEO: Care association busier than ever

Toenail cutting is just one of the services a 47-year-old Pulborough charity continues to offer to older people in the community.

The Pulborough & District Community Care Association (P&DCCA) has become ‘busier now than ever’ due to the vital help it has given to the over 50s in the area.

JPCT 300113  Pulborough & District Community Care Association. Helper Janet Batt gives Glad gent a cup of tea. Photo by Derek Martin

JPCT 300113 Pulborough & District Community Care Association. Helper Janet Batt gives Glad gent a cup of tea. Photo by Derek Martin

“When we began it was aimed at all ages which included a nursery but over the years we’ve focused on the older age group,” explains Gwen Parr, aged 77, who has been chairman of the charity for around 10 years.

“It’s perhaps just as well because we know the aging population is giving concern to everyone. We’re all living much longer and there’s so much depression, misery and loneliness among old people so we’re really glad they come.”

The P&DCCA committee is made up of 11 people has an average age of 75 with four members over 80.

They host a lunch club in the Arun Hall of the Pulborough Village Hall every Wednesday which is followed by afternoon club where members play games such as cards, Rummikub, Scrabble and bowls.

May Price, 87, who has been going to the club for around two and a half years, said: “This club means a lot to me. It’s more about the company and everyone here is so nice.

“The people who work here are wonderful, I hate missing it and enjoy every minute.”

The charity also host classes in dance, Tai Chi, falls prevention, sight problems and a volunteer visiting service for house-bound people.

Gwen added: “We also have our toenail cutting service for people who can’t reach their toenails. Our founder Jean Seagrim managed to mention it to the Queen when she got her MBE which we feel quite pleased and amused about.”

Members are also treated to trips to the theatre and pantomimes and are preparing for their summer holiday to the Isle of Wight in June.

Iris Gravett, 87, has been going to the club for 25 years. She said: “It’s a friendly club and there are always new faces. For some it’s the only day of the week they get out.”

The charity’s community transport scheme includes a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) to take people to hospital and doctor appointments as well as for social visits .

“We’re always looking for volunteers, especially car drivers,” added Gwen.

“We’re busy, we’re very happy doing what we do and we do it because we want to do it. It’s absolutely incomparable and terrific seeing people enjoy it. I think we’re busier now than we have been”

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