VIDEO: Burger task offered by Horsham restaurant

Carnivores have been urged to take on a mighty eating challenge at a Horsham town centre restaurant to earn their place on a wall of fame.

Those brave enough to attempt ‘Beat the Meat’ at Meat in the Middle in Piries Place will have to eat 44oz of meat inside a gigantic burger.

Meat in the Middle

Meat in the Middle

Restaurant owner Ben Jacobs is the first person to earn his spot on the restaurant’s wall of fame, after demolishing the burger in 36 minutes.

He said: “I am nearly 6”10 and 20 stone, and that was a lot of meat to eat for me.

“I think competitive eaters will be able to do it inside of 30 minutes easily, in which case they are only paying half price.”

The challenge consists of 30oz of beef, 8oz of pulled pork, 6oz of bacon and 3oz of cheese inside a giant bun.

Competitive eaters will be able to do it inside of 30 minutes easily

Ben Jacobs

It is also served with a half portion of each of the side dishes offered by Meat in the Middle.

Ben said: “It is a bit of a challenge but it is nice to eat, it is not a collective of rubbish someone has chucked out of a freezer and put on a plate.

“It is a bit of fun. I have always wanted to do it, so it just came organically.

“It came from thinking how big we can make a burger that is practical, and we came up with the figure of 30oz of beef.”

If challengers fail to finish or take longer than 40 minutes, the cost is £40, but speed is rewarded by price reductions.

As well as a photograph on the restaurant’s wall of fame, victors will earn a fully stamped loyalty card for a free burger, a sticker, and a pack of indigestion tablets.

Ben, who previously worked as a bodyguard for pop superstar Rihanna, advised competitors not to eat for ‘two or three days’ before taking on the challenge.

And he warned: “It is the salad that will defeat you.”

Meat in the Middle uses local products, including its meat, bread and beer. The challenge must be booked two days in advance.