VIDEO: Body Shop provides prom treatments

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Preparing for prom can be a stressful time - but last Friday the Body Shop in Horsham was on hand to help teenage girls get ready for the big night.

The family-run business offered treatments to girls from Millais, Tanbridge House School and the Weald, who all attended their respective prom on Friday July 28.

The Body Shop in Horsham

The Body Shop in Horsham

The result was a busy afternoon in the Swan Walk shop, but a more relaxed day for their customers.

Owner Susie Wyner said: “They are all turning into Cinderellas, the trouble is we all look like the ugly sisters!

“We have got five chairs going and about 40 prom girls who are all really excited.

“We just like to add something to Horsham. We do it every year but this year has been the biggest.”